Natanael Ramos
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Islander's Dilemma


Artistic Vision

From calm tranquility to raging storms, the sea hides a parallel world with Jazz. Both awaken many emotions in human beings.This is the artistic vision of Natanael Ramos, an islander used to having the sea on his horizon. With this in mind, he submerges us in an ocean of emotions, through the many cultures present in his home, Tenerife. One of the seven Canary Islands and a natural and historic meeting point between Europe, Africa and America. Using the melodies and rhythms of his ancestors he cooks up an original and eclectic repertoire that takes us to fly over the sea of clouds, walk on the black volcanic sand or watch the fury of the sea beating the cliffs. Through the sound of his trumpet he tries to delve into the very soul of every story he tells. At times, warm and introspective and at others, wild and attacking. Like the sea. 

Line up

Natanael Ramos trumpet & flugelhorn | Joris Roelofs bass clarinet | Virxilio Da Silva electric guitar | Xan Campos piano & fender rhodes | Matt Adomeit double bass | Mark Schilders drums | Esther van Hees voice | Kamerata Oiasso strings





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