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Islander's Dilemma

Islander's Dilemma is the story of a wandering islander. One who proceeds from many places, yet is errant from all of them. An islander who drowns in the earth, yet breathes freely, relieved, in the sea. The sea that binds him with dreams and at the same time, with chains. The hermit like islander, in the solitude of his island and at the same time a fugitive of the same. Islander's Dilemma is an echo of his experiences and travels, through each of these places, imaginary and real. It is the reflection of a stone carved by different seas. Sometimes drop by drop and at other times by the beating waves.

Line up

Natanael Ramos trumpet & flugelhorn | Joris Roelofs bass clarinet | Virxilio Da Silva electric guitar |Xan Campos piano & fender rhodes | Matt Adomeit double bass | Mark Schilders drums | Esther van Hees voice |Kamerata Oiasso strings


Introducing La Banda del Solar

"Latin-American rhythms has been part of my life since I have use of reason. I remember to listen boleros, son cubano and salsa at home when I was a child. My first connection to jazz was also trough latin jazz music. With this project, I tried to explore the Latin-American sounds from a contemporary jazz point of view, with some of the best latin & jazz musicians from the Canary Islands. Some of them are really close friends and are part of who I am right now. Such a pleasure!"

Line up

Natanael Ramos trumpet, flugelhorn and backing vocals | Norberto Arteaga alto sax & flute | Fernando Barrios tenor sax |Cristo Delgado trombone & backing vocals | Marcos Pérez bari sax | Borja Arias piano| Wilmer Rodriguez baby bass | Jonathan Hernández 'Fune' drums | Valentín De León percussion | Virginia Guantanamera voice | Zaida Almeida voice | Álvaro Gamboa backing vocals




North Atlantic Jazz Connection

"This is probably one of the best jazz albums of the year".
Juan Claudio Cifuentes (Radio Nacional de España).

Line up

Natanael Ramos trumpet & flugelhorn | Daniel Juárez tenor sax | Seir Caneda piano |David Ruiz double bass | Fede Marini drums | Roberto Nieva alto sax | Javier Rodríguez percussion



Vol 1.


Reinier Baas vs. Princess Discombobulatrix

Reinier Baas

Pol Belardi's Urban Voyage

Pol Belardi

Home Made

Big BAnd de canarias

High Expectations

mathieu franceschi trio & guests


Julian schneemann

Elmer Bernstein The Wild Side

Big band de canarias

Jaleo Holandés

The bvr flamenco big band

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Big Band de Canarias

Un Flaco Favor

Miguel Manescau & the latin quintet

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1st Edition

Am big band